Mini Mount - 1/4-20 Strobe Mount - 4 Pack

Mini Mount - 1/4-20 Strobe Mount - 4 Pack

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Product Description


The MiniMount was specifically designed to allow you to mount other types of small strobe heads,
like LUMEDYNE, to the FourSquare Block. Just about any small strobe head that has a 1/4-20
female thread can attach to the FourSquare by using the MiniMount adapter.
Simply slide the cap screw through the hole in the Mini Mount and then attach the strobe head to
this cap screw. Once attached, you have effectively added a cold shoe mount to your strobe head,
which will then be able to slide onto the FourSquare Block. Easy as pie!
The MiniMount is also a necessity if you are a Radio Popper user using the Radio Popper bracket.
Simply use the MiniMount to attach the Radio Popper bracket to the FourSquare Block and you are in business.
If you are a Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 user, you will need a MiniMount to raise the Flex TT5 unit in height to clear the poles on the FourSquare light bank. Simply attach the MiniMount to the 1/4-20 mount on the bottom of the Flex TT5 and then slide the entire unit onto the FourSquare Block. A FourSquare Swivel can also be used in conjunction with the MiniMount.
Just mount the MiniMount / FlexTT5 combo onto the Swivel and then slide all of this onto the FourSquare Block.
This combination raises the Flex TT5 even higher for optimum pole clearance and allows rotation of the Speedlight / Flex TT5 unit.
Dimensions (each)
L: .75in / 1.91cm
W: .75in / 1.91cm
H: .375in / .95
Weight (each)
3oz / 9.33g

Package Includes
4   Mini Mount
4   1/4-20 Cap Screw
1   Hex Key