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Multi Format 2012 Carry On
Multi Format 2012 Carry On
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Code: MF2012
Price: $413.95
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Our latest "official" airline carry on size. Has all the same features as our MF1420 but is sized to fit within the "9x14x22" carry on baggage rule. The MF2012 is a very versatile case that can be configured from an Arca Swiss field camera with lenses and accessories to a complete digital DSLR system with a plethora of lenses and camera bodies to a compact flash kit with a FourSquare system. The unique divider system enables you to configure the dividers to fit your particular equipment needs and they have a rigid core so your equipment stays put and in place.Zippered mesh pockets on the lid of the case keep small accessories organized and secured.

What sets all Lightware MultiFormat cases apart from similar cases on the market is the interior super structure. It is a molded unibody shell made from a unique material of high density closed cell foam sandwiched between a high impact polymer skin. This gives the case impact resisitance and strength without the weight of a hard shell case and shock absorbtion that hard shell cases have to make up for with a lot of foam on the inside. By virtue of the properties of the interior shell and all the shock absorbing foams and fabric used to make the final product, the interior space can be used much more efficiently to pack more equipment in a smaller, lighter case without sacrificing strength or shock absorbtion. Many people have been able to consolidate what they normally carry in two or sometimes even three hardshell cases into just one Lightware case.

Other Features Include

Complete Uni-body Interior Super Structure
Customizeable Dividers
Airline Carry On or Checkable
Inside Net Pockets on Lid

L: 19in / 47.5cm
W: 11in / 27.5cm
H: 7in / 17.5cm

L: 21in / 52.5cm
W: 14in / 35cm
H: 8.5in / 21.25cm

9lb / 3.36kilo

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