Just to make sure that all of your expensive equipment is protected, we pay special attention to all the little details. This is a big part of what makes Lightware the best choice.

We do not scrimp on the quality of the materials that go into a Lightware case. They are all superior quality goods and we sew and assemble our cases right here in Colorado.

We double stitch and surge our seams. This is perhaps one of the most important construction elements of any soft good. All quality clothing as well as mountaineering equipment is double stitched to withstand the rigors of handling and shipping. Surged seams keep fabrics from fraying and unravelling.

Cases with a potential to get heavy are reinforced on the bottom with a 2" nylon webbing that is designed to give extra protection to the zipper should someone accidently "drag" your case along the ground.

We also use a number 10 YKK self healing coil zipper that is double stitched in the seam. A heavy zipper properly placed is a vital aspect to the dependability of the case.

Lightware Cases on an Air Strip
Lightware Cases on an Air Strip


The FourSquare is a minimilist lighting kit for location and studio photographers who shoot with speedlights.(a.k.a Strobists)

Made of rugged T6061 hard anodized aluminum, the FourSquare can be used with any combination up to four speedlights (or up to nine if you build an eight square with a centermount) mounted as one, like a direct hard flash or bounced into an umbrella.

FourSquares are sold as complete kits, including the mount and softbox. The softbox is designed with totally new fabric to the still industry and packs up to a small 18". Just the size to carry on the plane and make the location kit "light"! It fits perfectly into the Lightware MF2012 case.

Using a standard Manfrotto umbrella adapter and the 1/4 20 thread, you can put this on any stand you want.

Check out all of the accessories available for the FourSquare on the accessories page.

Paul Peregrine

Paul Peregrine is both a photographer and product designer who has over thirty years in the business. He has been designing products for the photo industry for the last twenty. His work has taken him numerous places around the world.

He is a husband, father and thankfully a two time cancer survivor. Paul's love of photography and design started when he was young with a old Kodak Box camera. His passion for photography was everything and it still continues to this day.

Paul's noted skills are in problem solving and lighting. Many clients come to Paul before a campaign, to help work out the technical and logistic issues before anyone sees a camera. Paul likes to get the most from the image before its actually created. Preproduction is the key to a successful results.

His product designs can be seen around many airports and photo studios wearing the brand name Lightware. His latest venture, a lighting product using speedlights, called FourSquare, is taking the industry by storm.

He has been a photography instructor, was a founding member and past president of ASMP Denver Chapter and past president of the Art Directors Club of Denver. He has served on the National Board of Directors for ASMP for five years and is currently a member of ASMP, NPPA, and PMA. He consults regularly with many of the national photographic suppliers including Nikon, Canon and Olympus.

See some of Paul's work on the Peregrine Studios Blog.

Lightware Cases on an Air Strip