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Multi Format 1217 Case

Multi Format 1217 Case

Code: MF1217


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Product Description

The Multi Format 1217 fits within the new airline carry on restrictions. You will find this case ideal to carry a modest medium format system and/or 35mm or Digital camera set up. It really is easy to mix and match between the two formats. If you are good at packing you can trim your dividers down and make a shelf to carry your computer on top of lenses and bodies laying flat. Spacial relationship 101. At least it can all fit within one case. It won't be light, just don't tell the stewardess. Another addition to this case is two nifty stash pockets on the inside lid. Great for instruction manuals, extra flash cards, a pocket reader, fire wire cables and some CD's. Maybe a place for the iPod.

Other Features Include
Uni-body Interior Super Structure
Customizeable Dividers
Airline Checkable
Net Pockets on Inside Lid 
Fits Inside of the MF1629 or RMF1629

L: 17in / 42.5cm
W: 12in / 30cm
H: 6in / 15cm

L: 19in / 47.5cm
W: 14in / 35cm
H: 8in / 20cm

5.25lb / 1.96kilo