Large Head Pouch

Large Head Pouch

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Product Description



Head Pouches are designed to be used inside the Cargo Cases and are used to provide extra protection for flash heads and other more delicate items. Perfect for the shooter who generally doesn't require airline travel, wants to consolidate equipment, yet still needs protection from the rigors of bumpy country roads and weary assistants.

The Large Head Pouch is ideal for larger flash heads and monolights such as Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom or Godox. Pack them in a Cargo Case along with light stands, tripod, cables and other essential minutia. Flash heads are protected from the hard goods, everything is in one case and everyone is happy. Although originally designed for flash heads, we have found these pouches to be great protective organizers for view camera lenses, small strobes with a head and cable, a 300 F/2.8 lens, small Arri lights, or even a 4x5 field camera with 2 lenses, film holders and a meter. 

Made with half inch closed cell foam sandwiched between a nylon ballistics shell and an inner lining of gray polyester, these pouches are ultra lightweight, weather resistant and are not timid to rough treatment. They can be carried solo or over the shoulder with an optional shoulder strap. 

Features Include  

End Grab Handle 
YKK Zipper 
Padded Nylon Ballistics Outer Shell
Shoulder Strap Attachment 

L: 12.5in / 31.25cm  
W: 7in / 17.5cm  
H: 7in / 17.5cm 

L: 14in / 35.0cm  
W: 8in / 20cm  
H:  8in / 20cm 

1.5lb /.68kilo