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Product Description

The PixelShade takes the glare off your screen in brightly lit locations,so you can see what you are doing. Better yet, if you snug your face against the viewing portal, all extraneous light is blocked from your screen, giving you optimum viewing capability. Designed for single person use, the PixelShade is quite portable and easy to set up. It is also very lightweight which reduces undue stress on the hinge of your laptop screen. One size fits most computers from 12" to 17" Mac or Windows based laptops.The keyboard, is readily accessible and when not in use, the PixelShade folds down flat into an included storage pouch.

Blocks glare on computer screen
Very lightweight
Easy to set up
Folds down flat
Comes with a storage pouch

 L: 16.75in / 41.88cm
 W: 5.5-16in / 13.79cm
 H: 9.5in / 23.75cm 

 L: 16.75in / 41.88cm
 W: 5.5-16in / 13.79cm
 H: 9.5in / 23.75cm

 13.5 oz / 420grams