Cargo 52

Cargo 52

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Product Description



Cargo Cases are extra light, yet exceptionally rugged cases that have a 1/2″ Duralight closed cell foam at their core. The interior is lined with a tough cordura-like fabric and is just one open compartment. It is designed to transport more durable equipment like your light stands, tripods, booms, umbrellas and power cables. Toss in some light banks, head extension cables, clips, tape and diffusion materials. Add some tools, black velvet, grids, barn doors, gels, reflectors and you are set to go.

Cargos have also been utilized to transport sporting equipment, golf clubs and telescopes. If you want to carry flash heads or smaller strobe power supplies in a Cargo Case, first pack them inside a Head Pouch, then slip them inside the Cargo. Our Cargo Cases and Head Pouches are designed to work together. Use them both to protect all of your less durable items. Utilize our C6038 Stand Socks to protect your light stands from scratches and keep your light stands from damaging other items in your case. Sometimes, light stands can develop sharp edges which can potentially cause tears in your light banks or umbrellas. It is a good idea to remove reflectors from flash heads. Reflectors that get dented while attached to heads can be next to impossible to remove. Instead, add extra foam into the tube cover to keep flash tubes secure and nest reflectors.

The Cargo 52 is the choice for longer stands, C-Stands and Octa Banks. These won't damage client's furniture, snag carpets or break glass doors. Much safer than many of the alternatives. 

Features Include  

Hook and Loop closure on Handle Pad 
End Grab Handles 
YKK Zipper 
Clam Shell type Opening 
Padded Nylon Ballistics Outer Shell 

L: 48.5in / 121.25cm  
W:11in / 27.5cm  
H: 11in / 27.5cm 

L: 49in / 122.5cm  
W:12in / 30cm  
H: 12in / 30cm 

6.25lb / 2.835kilo