Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I put my new FourSquare block together?

For the block itself you simply need to put the screws into the block. The nylon screws go into the hotshoe mounts and the steel screws go into the diagonal umbrella mounts.

We also have a quick video of Paul showing an easy and fast way to insert the screws.

2. How do I put my new FourSquare FSK30 softbox together?

It is very simple. You put it together like any other softbox. You start by placing the rubber tips of the poles into the stiched pocket at the front of the box, making sure the pole is threaded through the small loops on the inside corners. Then place the poles into the FourSquare block one at a time.

If a visual demonstration would be helpful, we recommend you watch this video.

3. How do I put together my FSK20 or FireFly Lantern?

When you are putting you FSK20 or lantern together it is just a little different that the standard FSK30.

We have a video of Paul giving a couple tips on how to put it together with ease.

4. Do I need to have four brand new speedlights to use the FourSquare?

NO! Not at all! The FourSquare is designed to use UP TO four speedlights on a single block. To start out, you can easily shoot with only one light in the FourSquare. We have several videos that touch on this subject. Check out some of the videos below.

Tips from Steve - The Modular Design of the FourSquare

Speedlight Compatibility with the FourSquare

How to light a product with Speedlights and a FourSquare

5. Can I use any strobe or speedlight in the FourSquare?

Yes, provided it have these two simple features.

1. A hotshoe mount or a 1/4-20 threaded insert.

2. Some way to sync the light with the camera, be it cord, IR, radio, or optical slave.

Watch Paul show a few of the more "classic" strobes that will work with the FourSquare.

6. How do I attach the FourSquare handle to the FourSquare block?

There are a few ways to use the handle. There is really no wrong way.

To see Paul attach the handle in the standard configuration, watch this video.

7. How do I use the FourSquare with an umbrella?

All you need to do is attach the FourSquare to a light stand and slide one or two umbrellas into the umbrella mounts in the FourSquare block.

Here is a video of Paul setting up the the FourSquare with an umbrella.

8. Will the new Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 fit in the FourSquare?

Yes it will. Without the softbox, the FourSquare and Flex TT5 fit together just perfectly. To use the Flex TT5 with the softbox, it does require an additional accessory. Either the FourSquare MiniMount or the FourSquare Swivel and the Minimount.

UPDATE: Thanks to our friend for coming up with a work around to mount the new style flex TT5s in the foursquare box using just the mini mounts and no longer requiring the swivels to mount four flexs into the FourSquare box. This blog post shows close up photos of how to mount the new style Flex TT5 into the FourSquare softbox only using MiniMounts.

This older video has Paul mounting the Flex TT5 in the two different configurations.

9. My swivel is stuck and won't turn. What do I do?

A few customers received their swivels and they were stuck and would not spin. The solution is to place one inside another and break it free. There is no need to unscrew the allen bolt and it is not recommended to do so.

Paul demonstrates how to un-stick your swivel in this video.


1. Why should I buy a Lightware case? What makes it so special?

The biggest differences are all on the inside. The core or the Multi Format cases is what really sepparates it from your run of the mill gear bag. Lightware cases are stronger, built better, and last longer than any of our competition. All lightware cases are made in the USA which is becoming increasingly rare. You can read more about the differences that make a case worthy of the Lightware name on this page.

2. What kind of warranty do Lightware products have?

You can find all the information about our warranties on our warranty page.

3. What will fit in a Lightware MF2012?

Quite a bit actually. Paul made a few videos of three portable lighting kits that will give you a great idea of just what will fit in an MF2012.

Each of the videos below will show a different lighting kit packed out.

Kit 1 - Kit 2 - Kit 3

4. Which Lightware cases are airline carry-on compliant?

The most popular is the MF2012. It is the maximum size for carry-on for us travel. The second most popular size would be the MF1217. The MF1217 is just a little smaller but will protect your gear just as well.

5. What is the largest Lightware case I can check at an airline without paying an excess baggage fee?

It does depend on the airlines so we recommend double checking with your airline. However most airlines consider anything over 50lbs and 62 linear inches to be oversized. You can figure the linear measurements by adding the length + width + height. Your best bet is our largest Multi Format case, the MF1629, which comes out to a linear 60.5". Also the C6042 42" Cargo (provided you don't over pack it) and the RC1038 Rolling Stand Bag are both good second options.

6. How do I know if my gear is going to fit into a specific Lightware case?

Most Lightware cases are designed in a rectangle. The first option is to take all the gear you want to pack and lay it out on the floor in the smallest rectangle and measure the length, width and height. Then take the measurements and compare to the interior dimensions listed on our website. The second option is to start with the dimensions on the website, mark it out on the floor and see what you can fit inside.

7. Where can I get more dividers for any Lightware case?

Divider Kits for any of out Multi Format cases can be purchased from our dealers or directly from Lightware. Dividers for the power kit cases and strobe cases are best found by contacting Lightware directly. You can find our contact information here.

8. How do I clean my Lightware case?

A simple damp cloth will take care of 80% of your cleaning needs. Oil or sticky residue can be removed by using Goof Off. If it's really nasty, the outside cover can be washed on a delicate cycle in cold water with a very mild detergent. Air dry only, out of direct sunlight. Under no circumstances should the cover be put in the dryer or placed in direct sunlight to dry.

9. What happens if my Lightware case needs to be repaired?

It's always best to send it back to Lightware where it can be repaired with the original high quality parts and in the correct manner to keep your bag or case transporting your gear for longest lifespan possible.

10. How do I sign up to receive email newsletters?

In the main menu go to "Get Emails" and enter the requested information. Or you can simply enter it here.

11. How do I put my Long Lens Rain Cover on my camera?

Paul has made a video demonstrating how it fits onto almost any long lens.