Hi-Light Discs Help Control My Light!

Hi-Light Discs

Hi-Light Discs

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Product Description

Hi-Light Discs are a perfect addition to control your creative light modifying effects. Useful in fashion, glamour, portraiture and product photography.
Hi-Light Discs will effortlessly give you greater creative lighting control by creating a spot effect that can easily be directed at a specific location to enhance or Hi-Light a specific area of your image. The discs are designed to be used in conjunction with your 7" reflector and grids. Each disc will create a different look depending on what degree grid you choose to use in your reflector.
The exterior dimension of the discs is 6.5 (167mm) which will fit any 7 reflector and they come in sets of three with a 2, 3, 4 aperture or opening. 
The disc should be trapped in the reflector by the grid. There is no front or back to the disc. Simply place the disc in the reflector and attach the grid. The disc is not designed to mount on the outside of the grid.
Hi-Light Discs can be used in Profoto, Paul C. Buff, Hensel, Elinchrom, Dynalight, Comet, Speedotron or any reflector of similar size.
There will be scratches or marks on the discs that naturally occur in the manufacturing process. These blemishes do not affect the functionality of the disc and they are NOT DEFECTIVE.
The discs are made from high tempered clear anodized aluminum and will bend if forced, SO DONT DO IT! With proper care your Hi-Light Discs will last your entire photographic career.
CAUTION: Use leather gloves when handling the discs after use THEY WILL BE HOT. It is not recommended that they be used as a flying disc or toy, they may cause harm to you or someone else.
Set of 3 Weighs 7.7 oz
Set Includes:
1 Disc with 2 Aperture
1 Disc with 3 Aperture
1 Disc with 4 Aperture
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