FourSquare 48" SoftBox Only

FourSquare 48" SoftBox Only

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Product Description


Already Have a FourSquare Block? Just Add This Box!

New to the FourSquare family is the 48" FourSquare SoftBox. Measuring 48" square at the front screen, the FS48 is a nice big light that throws a beautiful soft light. Perfect for shooting portraits, full length or just a headshot, larger groups of people, beauty or even product. The FS48 is for the FourSquare user who already has a FourSquare Block and wants to just add a SoftBox to their system.

The size enables ease of control over the amount of light thrown on the subject to the amount of light that can wrap around the subject simply by where you position the light. This wrap effect can be very desirable and the FS48 makes it easy to do.

Better yet, an extra interior diffusion screen is included to soften and diffuse the light even more. This diffusion screen is removable, as it clips inside the softbox, so you can choose to use it or not.

The FS48 is lightweight, has a shallow depth of only 20" so it can fit in tight places, and breaks down to a mere 20" long. Ideal for the traveling photographer as it takes up very little room and fits perfectly in a carry-on case. A radio receiver can be mounted to the outside of the box by means of a hook and loop patch or add a Mini Mount (FSA200) or Swivel (FSA360) to mount your Radio Popper or Flash Wizard inside the box.

Weight: 3 lbs.

SoftBox Only (FourSquare Block Not Included):

4   Collapsible Soft Box Poles (total of 12 pieces, 8 pieces are shock corded for easy setup)
1   FourSquare Soft Box (measures approximately 48" x 48")
1   Hook and Loop Front Diffusion Screen
1   Removable Interior Diffussion Screen
1   Carrying Pouch