Courier II

Courier II

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Product Description


Courier II

The BF1251 Courier II is the perfect companion to your Lightware equipment cases. Made with the same rugged, abrasion and weather resistant ballistic nylon as all Lightware cases, this messenger style briefcase will be a willing keeper of your chaos. 

Its utilitarian design has two, easily accessible, zippered, roomy compartments to organize your business essentials. One compartment can be dedicated to your laptop or tablet while the other welcomes the rest of your mayhem. Add a padded Laptop Sleeve to protect your electronics from accidental tumbles. 

The fold over flap design allows for easy access to a generous number of pockets, see through pouches and zippered compartments.
Organize pens, small flashlights, portable hard drives, business cards, SD cards, batteries and other necessities that tend to wander off.
The exterior flap can be secured with two quick release buckles and sports a zippered exterior pocket to keep your travel docs safe and handy.

The Courier comes with a glove friendly handle and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Airport treks are a breeze as It also has a sleeve that can slide over your roll aboard handle so it can take a ride off your shoulder. Its narrow silhouette affords a comfortable and stylish option for all your daily excursions or expeditions far far away.

Features include:

Glove Friendly Handle
YKK Zipper
Padded Nylon Ballistics Outer Shell
Padded Shoulder Strap 
Handle Sleeve

Inside (2-Compartments, each):
L: 16.75in / 41.875cm  
W: 2.25in / 6.25cm  
H: 12.5in / 31.25cm 

L: 17in / 45.0cm  
W: 5in / 12.5cm  
H: 12.5in / 31.25cm 

3lbs/ 1.36kilo