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Deluxe Kit Case

Deluxe Kit Case

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Product Description

This case is unique in that it comes with three soft dividers to separate packs and heads, as well as a shelf divider to lay umbrellas and stands on. Perfect for 2 Dyna-Lite M100x packs, 3 heads, and accessories or a similar system. You can also pack in four Photogenic Monoblocs or four WhiteLightings. It is a great MonoBloc kit for a digital system put it all in one case and your ready for your cross town location.

Not designed for airline checking.

Duralight Construction
Light Gray Interior
Horizontal Stand Divider

 L: 31in / 77.5cm
 W: 7in / 17.5cm
 H: 12in / 30cm

 L: 32in / 80cm
 W: 8in / 20cm
 H: 13in / 32.5cm

 6lb / 2.24kilo