Flash Media Wallet

Flash Media Wallet

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Product Description

Compact Flash Wallet
The Flash Media Wallet allows you to see up to eight compact flash cards at a glance. The wallet is designed to allow media to fit vertically or horizontally in each compartment so you can differentiate between exposed and unexposed media. It folds up like a wallet with a hook closure. There is also a clear business card / id pocket to identify who the wallet belongs to, should it go missing. Comes in black, red, gray, yellow, orange and purple (new) to either match your existing cases or to stand out so you can find it in the dark recesses of your camera case.

L: in / cm
W: in / cm
H: in / cm

L: 13in / 32.5cm
W: 4.25in / 10.63cm
H: .125in / .31cm

3.1 oz / 96 grams