Light, Powerful, Portable

If your shoot with Speed Lights or small strobes in the studio or on location the FourSquare should be your only choice. The FourSquare is a very versatile lighting tool, whether shooting a softly lit portrait of a bride, a cowboy in the winter twilight or a Motocross rider down that final stretch. Add battery driven LED fixtures to the FourSquare and you have the perfect video light for that HDSLR interview. You can light anywhere and anything with FourSquare.

FourSquare Softbox
FourSquare Block by Lightware Direct

Made in the U.S.A.

At the heart of the FourSquare is the mounting block made of rugged T6061 hard anodized aluminum that is small enough to fit nicely in the palm of your hand. Mount one, two, three or four speed-lights, small strobes, or LED panels in any combination. Use the 30" x 30" soft box, as a white reflector or install the diffusion screen for that perfect soft look. Rotate the heads, bounce the heads or use them as direct flash. Hand hold it with the FourSquare handle, run with it, track the action up high or down low.

Bare, Box, or Umbrella

Like umbrellas? It's simple to set up a traditional shoot through or reflective umbrella. Utilize both of the two umbrella mounts for a double bounce for an extra large soft source. With a little creativity the possibilities are endless.

FourSquare Block used with two umbrellas
FourSquare Block by Lightware Direct can be used with a radio receiver

Keep Your Cords Off The Floor.

Want to shoot with radio receivers? No problem, most radio receivers, including Pocket Wizards and Radio Poppers, can be easily integrated to work either on the block or attached outside of the box by means of a hook and loop patch.

Pack It Up, Pack It In.

When its time to go, the FourSquare is ideal for airline travel with its small size and teeny weight. It breaks down to a compact 18 inches long and packs neatly in its own carrying pouch.

FourSquare Bag and Two Speedlights

FourSquare Categories

FourSquare 48" SoftBox Only

FourSquare 48" SoftBox Only


FourSquare Sport Pak 30"

FourSquare Sport Pak 30"