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Rolling Multi Format 1629

Rolling Multi Format 1629

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Product Description

The MF1629 now comes with wheels. This set of dual wheels takes the back breaking labor out of lugging these large cases around wherever you go. It also has a set of quick release buckles to quickly close the case while shooting
on the fly. Better yet, if you already own a MF 1629 you can convert your old case into the rolling version with a Rolling RC1629 cover.
Pack your strobes, heads, umbrellas, light banks, FourSquare and stands and you are ready for a great day of location shooting.This case can handle a vast array of complete lighting systems like Calumet Travelites, Dynalite, Profoto, White Lightning and Speedotron. Also a great case for HMI, Tungsten and Flourescent. Customize the interior to fit your equipment with Lightware's unique divider system. Add in cables, reflectors, accessories and even cameras and discover how much of a good system can be packed into just one case. Need a shipping case for your non airline checkable rolling case? The RMF1629 is the perfect case to protect your roller when you need to check it as baggage or ship it across the world. Think of it as double protection. There is nothing better for heavy duty road work.
Other Features Include
Customizable Divider System
Double Set of Dual Wheels
NO Extention Handle to Break
ID Tag Holder
Interior Mesh Pocket in the Lid
Easy top Pull Handle
L: 29in / 72.5cm
W: 15.5in / 38.75cm
H: 10in / 25cm
L: 33in / 82.5cm
W: 17.5in / 43.75cm
H: 12.5in / 31.25cm
21lb / 7.83kilo